New Beginnings (or something cliche to that effect)

A beginning is always “new” to some degree, isn’t it?

It wasn’t intentional, but exactly two years ago today, I tried starting up a WordPress blog with this name. I was working over the summer at college in the Media Services department, and was deathly afraid of descending into boredom-induced madness. So I promised myself I’d write one entry a day.

That goal, as most do when you’re 20 years old and easily distracted, tapered off. Now, I’m an unemployed college graduate with an English degree and a desperate need to spend my time doing what I love: writing. They say in order to improve at your craft–or at anything, really–you have to keep chugging through, and work at it everyday. So here, ladies, gentlemen and non-binary identifying humans in between, is my second attempt at a daily blog. I have no idea whether or not I’ll stick to it, but this time I feel that I need to. Though it doesn’t feel like it now–what with all the job application rejections and continuous sending of resumes and cover letters into the void–life has only just begun for me.

I should write it down, then, shouldn’t I? 🙂


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