We are five hours into an eight-hour road trip to DC. In truth I had no idea this would actually happen. But here we are, three college friends taking the road by storm. We are on the Jersey Turnpike and the sky is changing colors. Admittedly I have been a little nervous–this is the first time a cluster of us are getting together for a decent period of time since graduation. I feel as though already post-grad life is threading us apart like a worn blanket. And I am the seam, ripping apart which misinterpreted words and thoughts spinning out and away. A part of me almost decided not to take on this trip. What if some words slippe out I didn’t mean? What if I spiraled out of control, as I did so often this past year? And the big question: What if we can never do something like this again?

What the future holds I don’t know. And I spend far too much time projecting my fears into the vacant hole ahead. For now there is this road and I am on it, heart beating, Riley talking to me in the driver’s seat, and I am alive.


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