Guided Epiphanies

From 642 Things to Write About:

You are an astronaut. Describe your perfect day.


Today when I woke up, the stars were no longer strangers to me. It wasn’t something I expected to happen. It wasn’t calculated. It happened, and now I feel as though my insides are glowing.

There were no reports to make or tasks to accomplish. What does one do with a day off in space?–Look out the window and understand. I cannot touch them but they speak to me the way my daughter tells stories, with long-winded tangents and big, bright gesstures. I don’t know why they were so shy before. But now I look at them and know each of their names (did you think constellations were the only ones that named themselves?), and in the vast darkness I can call them my friends. I told them about my family at home. (They know where Virginia is because they watch over it like they do everywhere else). I let them know my secrets. They won’t tell. But it’s nice to know long after I’m dead the energy in the sky can ripple my confessions through the dark blue. I don’t know. Maybe I’m one of them. Maybe rather than die one day I’ll burn out. Maybe up here is where I belong after all–

I will delete this from the official log.


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