8 Female TV Characters that Changed Sci-Fi

I heard recently that considering all the madness happening in the world right now, investing so much time and energy in television and movies seems fruitless. I disagree. I think art mirrors society and vice-versa, and the response to the rise of women in sci-fi and fantasy is a testament to just how much more social progress must be made.

This past Sunday, the BBC announced that Doctor Who‘s Thirteenth iteration of the classic time-traveling alien would be played by a woman, Jodie Whittaker.

Cue the outrage––from men and women alike.

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These are the nicer comments.

But it’s funny that these same die-hard fans seem to conveniently forget about all the women in their favorite franchises that helped shape the success of those franchises. And they seem to ignore that just as men love to see themselves reflected onscreen, perhaps women might too (shocker!).

For reference, here are just a few women who contributed positively to the genre nerds hold so dear. Some are main protagonists, like Thirteen will be, and some are not. The point is that they are dynamic, influential, and prove that making a character male doesn’t deem it more relevant or special to the sci-fi/fantasy canon.

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My Top 10 Favorite Fictional Characters

This list is, of course, constantly changing. As I consume more and more media–be it television, film, books or otherwise–I come across the occasional character that truly blows my mind. My favorite component of any literature is characterization. Personally, it’s something as a writer I really want to work on; it’s why I’m so partial to writing fanfiction (because the characterization is already done for me–I just have to play to it, do it justice in whatever situation I place those characters). Here are my Top Ten Fictional Characters, a few of which have been on this list for years and years, and some who’ve just made it to the top! Click the following link to view the list, and see whether or not you agree with some of my choices. Continue reading “My Top 10 Favorite Fictional Characters”