5 Podcasts to Help You Get Spooky This Halloween

It’s finally Halloween season. As much as I’d like to celebrate all day, every day, I (unfortunately) have a job and other commitments to get to.

Which is why podcasts are just so convenient. If I’m dying for a morsel of the macabre or striving to fit the spooktacular into my day-to-day, I pop in my earbuds and lean into all things spine-chilling. What I love most about well made podcasts is their ability to connect to their listeners on a personal level. As I’m making my daily commute on the Orange Line or jogging on the treadmill, I love listening to shows that make me feel like I’m part of the conversation-like I’m sitting around a table chatting with friends.

The world of podcasting is a vast one, which is why I limit myself to the (admittedly heavy) subjects of true crime, horror, and the paranormal. If you’re not a huge podcast listener, you might not be totally sure what you’re into regarding style. Do you prefer to listen to something more lecture-based? Or to a show that takes a conversational tone?

If you’re not sure where to start, but would really like to up your spook-game this month, I’ve compiled a short list of horror/crime podcasts for you to try. They feature an array of different voices, perspectives, and approaches to storytelling–and I love them all for different reasons.

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